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Agriculture Tips
Take care of fruit plants
  • Remove weeds around the fruit plants and apply 5-10 kg of well rotten farm yard manure followed by irrigation.
  • To the grown up plants, apply I kg of SSP, 500 g of MOP, 500 g of urea and 250 g of zinc sulphate per plant along with well rotten FYM. The applied fertilizers should be well mixed with the soil under the canopy of the fruit trees.
  • Apply 1-2 ml of Aldrex (20 % EC)/tree along with the irrigation water to protect the fruit trees from the attack of termites.
  • Prune all the unwanted branches, especially from the ground up to 50 cm height. In the case of citrus plants, cut all the dead and diseased branches to prevent the spread of citrus kankar.
  • Protect the young shoots and the flowers from the attack of jassids and aphids by spraying Metasystox, 25EC or Melathion 50EC .
  • In case of mango trees, protect those from the attack of gandhi bug. For this, a simple and very effective way is to tie a plastic sheet around the trunk at the base; this will prevent the grubs of gandhi bug from climbing the tree and sucking the sap and thus preventing the fall of young fruits.
  • To control the spread of Gucha disesase, remove all the old diseased branches and watch for the emergence of the new diseased tips. Remove those as soon as they appear to prevent the spread of this disease to other branches.

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