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Agrovetbuzz Articles

Production of Bio dynamic Products

S.Narayan, A. Saxena*, M.A.Chattoo, and K.Hussian
Division of Olericulture , * Division of Agronomy,
Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir,
Shalimar, Srinagar-191121 (J & K)

In the organic production system in general, micronutrients are not taken care of, there is every doubt that over long duration, their deficiencies may create production constraints and these technologies might be a failure rather a sustainable alternative. Biodynamic agriculture, under the present scenario, appears to be sound alterative. Indeed, microscopic doses of few of the preparations have shown profound effects on growth, metabolism, crop yield and quality.

Biodynamic farming was spawned by the late anthroposophist, Rudolf Steiner and has grown and developed in popularity since 1922. The vision is to develop India a strong organic production hub for domestic and overseas market for selected commodities and to integrate organic production systems in order to meet the challenges of agro-chemical based farming.