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Agrovetbuzz Articles
Growing Gladiolus Scientifically

Mahesh Choudhary, Anop kumari and Manoj Kumar Jat

Department of Horticulture

CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, 125004

Gladiolus is an important cut-flower crop in domestic as well as international markets. It belongs to family Iridaceae and sub family Ixioideae and is an attributed as “Queen of bulbous ornamentals” due to its high popularity amongst the bulbous ornamentals cultivated in the world. It is also called as ‘sword lily’ due to its sword shaped leaves.
Gladiolus cut-spikes are in great demand for bouquets and flower arrangements because of long spike length, variety of colours and forms of florets. Besides, it is also grown in the beds for garden display and in pots for its magnificent inflorescence. Gladiolus is a potential money spinner with more returns per unit area than the other horticultures crops.